Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day One

This is my first blog post ever :-)
I am doing this because my awesome sister-in-law told me I should.... also so that my beautiful daughter will have memories of her childhood when she gets older :-)

Today was a fun day!
It snowed on Carolyne-Grace's first Christmas. What more could you ask for?! Her daddy and her MickDaddy (grandfather) made her a snowman that was just her size but before she got to see it she was fast asleep on the floor infront of the fire.
I think it is safe to say she had a pretty good first christmas....

In addition to all of her wonderful christmas gifts that she got yesterday, her shug (grandmother) and her MickDaddy bought her her very first highchair today...AND SHE LOVED IT.
Also she had her first cucumber today.... SHE LOVED THAT TOO :)
She also had her first puff "baby snack" today....AND SHE LOVED THAT TOO.
& her favorite toy she got from Santa was her first push walker! She took her first two steps pushing it!!

Now it is time for bed... CG only took two naps today for a total of maybe ten minutes each time but she seems to be wide awake....
I guess we will lay here and watch the upside down show until she falls asleep...

Jamie has all the pictures from Christmas on her camera and when she loads them I'll put them on here!